About Susan... Raised in the Deep South even as a little girl in spinning curls there was usually paint on her face or crayons in her hands. Not much has changed. Alabama: a place called “home”... a place where the summer sun strikes mimosa blossoms in champagne highlights. You could find her underneath the tree in bare feet, a sketchpad in hand. Then as an adult with a teaching and HR background, color continues to move through every life phase: child, teacher, mother, wife and human resources. Even the long stint in the Orient found her never too far from creative strokes. Living in Hong Kong was especially an artist’s dream as sunlight celebrates the world’s glitziest harbor. HR work travels  (Oasisis.org) to international schools have found her in airports tucking away fresh ideas in Malaysia, South America, China,Kabul, Singapore and Turkey.   

Now southern mimosas hang close, there's sweet tea and enough humidity to choke a cow in July! Home is in northern Mississippi  where bare feet and lemonade are in order. Her family includes three super sons and a husband who she is grateful to share life alongside. We can’t forget the cat named Spencer who rules, and his sidekick Miss Priss who...sleeps. She’d love to talk about an art collaboration. A splash of samples are sprinkled through the site. Please email her for a link to see more samples of any area.  There are some designs to product she’d be tickled to share. Art Director, agent or friend, she’d love to hear from you! Background: B.A. English/ M.A. Counseling middle school and high teacher/ Certifications: Art/ English/Gifted Plus a zillion hours of studying art and Photoshop CS5 for manipulations

Contact: Susan…susan.lugar.llc@